SudPrize Bath Balls


I know most kids go crazy for bubbles in their baths. I did! It was one thing that would make me jump in the tub when I was younger.

Well…we’ve tried bubbles a handful of times with Hallen, and she freaks out. At first, I was like…you’re a kid! Like the bubbles! But, for some reason, her little sassy self just can’t stand them. So, when we first tried SudPrize bath balls, I was nervous. Inside, I was telling myself, “just act normal. Just act normal…pretend this is just like every other bath.” I got Hallen acquainted with the ball, and made her see it was a lot of fun and super cool (because that’s how we always get kids to like things, right?).

After the bath was filled up, I told her to drop the ball in the water (we had Benji the Tiger), and magic would happen! She dropped it in, and got scared for all of two seconds. The bath became fizzy and green. After I told her to watch the ball, she understood why it was turning green, which helped I think. Of course, she wanted her ball back, but it was a little too late!


She loved splashing around in the green water, and seriously didn’t want to leave. I was so surprised, because baths have to be normal for her to like them. No fluff.

Well, it was hard to get her out of the tub with this! And it made her skin feel great. It’s made with natural ingredients. There’s also an app to teach children about saving animals and caring for the environment. Hallen’s too young for it, but I checked it out and it’s pretty cool! There’s a matching game card in each SudPrize box. You can find these at Target and Use my VIP code: DEARNOV10

We were given this bath ball to review, but all opinions are mine.




    How fun! And your photos are so pretty. I need to get these for my new nephew who’s due in october.


    03 . 06 . 2017
    • Kristina

      Yeah! He’d love them when he starts splashing in the bath!

      05 . 06 . 2017

    What a fun idea for bath time!

    04 . 06 . 2017
    • Kristina

      It makes bath time so much fun!

      08 . 06 . 2017
  3. Helena Marz

    Aww this is so cute! I love that bath idea and it is so much fun for the little ones!

    04 . 06 . 2017
  4. Karissa

    Can adults use these balls? lol they look so fun! and your daughter is gorgeous, those eyes!

    05 . 06 . 2017
    • Kristina

      Haha! Yes girl!

      05 . 06 . 2017
  5. Jenn

    These are the cutest little bath balls! I don’t have kids, but I kind of want one for myself lol….also your daughter is absolutely adorable. These are such great shots of her!


    05 . 06 . 2017
    • Kristina

      Haha! They really are super cute! And thank you 🙂

      08 . 06 . 2017
  6. Nicole villarreal

    These are so cute!! Im sUre she loved it! I kidna want one for mySelf!

    09 . 06 . 2017
  7. Debbie Savage

    This is so cute!!! I wish they made some for adults that either had jewelry or money in it!
    xo Debbie |

    10 . 06 . 2017
  8. Jennifer

    This bath ball is so neat. I bet my twins would love it too

    24 . 06 . 2017

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