Floral Loving

Winter may be upon us, but a good floral print is still one of my favorite go to pieces. Mix and match with solids, stripes, polka dots. In my eyes, it’s basically another solid. You just have to find the right piece to balance it out.

This past weekend, we had a lot more time with just our little family than normal. We’re usually cramming one event in after another. So, we took time to explore our neighborhood. We live extremely close to a river, and after almost 4 months of living here, we had still not seen it. So, after I got home from a photoshoot, we set off on our walk. It didn’t even take us long. Maybe 10 minutes. It’s a place we’ll definitely be going back to time and time again. But, it just made me think…you don’t even really know what might be in your backyard! There’s so much beauty just waiting to be explored and found.

How could we have missed this for so long? The perfect little pathway. The river is right on the other side of me. And don’t worry…I wore other shoes to walk down here!

After I put Hallen on my belly to try and make her kiss me (she really isn’t a fan of kisses and hugs, which I totally get, because my love language is definitely not touch), she noticed my bright lip gloss from Bare Minerals. Immediately she started saying, ” I want yippies!” The girl is obsessed. She points lipstick colored lips out on every doll she has, and when ever I apply it, she has to have her “yippies!” So, I happily obliged. I gave her my little tube and let her feel pretty. 

My outfit details: 
Choker: BB Styled
Bracelets: Templeton Silver (use discount code HALLEN for 25% off) 
Leggings: Lularoe