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Summer Hot Spots


When we first moved to the Charlotte area, we lived right behind the best snoball place EVER! We didn’t realize it until someone told us, though. Once we learned it was just across the street, it became a pretty steady part of our diets. If you’ve never been to a Pelican’s SnoBall place, do yourself a favor, and pop on over to the closest one. It may be an hour’s drive, but it’s worth it! Kevin and I were both so sad when we moved 20 minutes away from ours. But, low and behold, just…

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Last Mother’s Day


Just writing the title of this post, tears stream down my cheeks. I remember the gut wrenching feeling of knowing that one of my children’s hearts had stopped beating who was supposed to be growing inside of me. It was Mother’s Day weekend 2016, and the ER doctor had just delivered us the news that even he didn’t want to say aloud. We lost our baby. He tried to give us hope by telling us maybe I was earlier along than I thought, but I knew there was no chance of that. We had just moved to…


CA Souls


Delicate, unique, and meaningful. Three words that would describe the bracelets we received from CA Souls. A delicate piece of jewelry usually seems understated, which I love, but, these “understated” bracelets also make a big statement unknowingly to everyone’s eye. They’re morse code bracelets! You can customize it with a message you want or buy one that they’ve already made up.My bracelet is 14k gold filled and spells out “mother” with both of the girls’ birthstones attached to it. And both of the girls have their own rose gold filled bracelet, which spells out their names…