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I love baby wearing. Love it. It’s so sweet when your little babe snuggles against your chest and you feel her breath on your skin. And right now, Hazel will only sleep when she’s being worn when we’re out and about. She’ll cry 45 minutes on a car ride, but once my husband or I get her out of the car and place her on our chest in my Vienna Springs ring sling, she instantly calms down. Her cry slows to that teeny little whimper while she catches her breath until she finally falls asleep so…




If you try to live your life as natural and as free of chemicals as possible, I’ve found a product for you! LOLA!I received a box of tampons and ultra thin liners to try out, and I can say that I do love them. They’re sleek, aren’t uncomfortable, and they’re healthier than your traditional feminine products!LOLA products are all organic cotton- no synthetic stuff, dyes, or toxins. It’s kind of scary when you start to research what’s in your products that you use every month! On top of an all organic, great…

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