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Sassy Toddlers


Look at the camera. Smile. Sit down. Stop hitting your sister. Stop hitting the dog with your stroller. Don’t throw that. Stay in your room until I come and get you. No, you can’t go outside without me! Stop pulling my hair! YOU HAVE TO WEAR PANTS!The words on repeat at our house lately. And I have no clue how it happened. Hallen was seriously the easiest baby on the planet. No lie. I could have had quadruplet Hallen’s, and I could have survived easily. She didn’t need any help going to sleep, she nursed…


CA Souls


Delicate, unique, and meaningful. Three words that would describe the bracelets we received from CA Souls. A delicate piece of jewelry usually seems understated, which I love, but, these “understated” bracelets also make a big statement unknowingly to everyone’s eye. They’re morse code bracelets! You can customize it with a message you want or buy one that they’ve already made up.My bracelet is 14k gold filled and spells out “mother” with both of the girls’ birthstones attached to it. And both of the girls have their own rose gold filled bracelet, which spells out their names…