Nursing Anywhere Uncovered

When I first had Hallen, I was super nervous to nurse in public. I mean…when you’re a first time mom, you never know what the heck you’re doing. You especially don’t know what you’re doing when you’re trying to hide under a cover, lift your shirt up discretely, and make your newborn with a bobble head try to nurse. I had so much anxiety! I don’t think I nursed in public for AT LEAST two months. A couple months in, I found my favorite thing ever! The Undercover Mama tank. I bought three of them after I fell in love. It’s basically a tube top that has a little hook and loop to attach to your bra. You wear it under your top so that when you lift your top up to nurse, your tummy is still covered, and you hardly show anything. It doesn’t even look like you’re nursing once your little one latches on.

This time around, I was lucky enough to be able to try another one of Undercover Mama’s products…their nursing shirt. It’s a cute and simple stripe. It has the same hook and look to attach to your bra, and then you lift a panel of the top to nurse! Super simple, and if you feel comfortable enough, you don’t even need a cover. It’ll look like you’re just cuddling your sweet baby.


You never know when or where you’ll be nursing (pulling over on the side of the road is reality with a newborn…hence nursing in a field ha)! And this is seriously the most simple way to feed your baby as quick as possible. There’s no fuss, and you know as well as I do that when your sweet baby starts wailing, you want to start nursing ASAP!!

It’s also a really flattering cut for any shape…while you’re pregnant and postpartum. The bodice isn’t clingy, and the sleeve length is perfect!

When I had Hazel, I instantly felt more comfortable right at the beginning nursing her, because I’d done it before, but I’d never been comfortable without a cover. Now, when I wear this shirt, I don’t feel like I need to cover. I feel like I’m already being discrete enough. And although I do want women to feel like they can nurse anywhere, however they want to. I don’t care if you’re using a cover or taking your whole shirt off to feed your baby…I like to be somewhat covered. I don’t want everyone seeing my stuff. That’s what makes this shirt perfect.


The next piece I’ll be trying of theirs is the nursing dress. It looks just like the nursing top, but it’s a maxi!

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