Spring Travels


Our May filled up so quickly! I feel like we’ve been traveling for the past month. We finally found a system that worked to make Hazel happy in the car, though! So, the last two trips were relatively low stress. Just lots of pumping in the car! When there’s a crying baby involved, you don’t really care if you’re hooked up to a pump driving by everyone. If you see something you don’t want to see, don’t look in my windows! We did have such a great time celebrating my grandmother’s 80th birthday and my nephew’s baptism in Arlington, though. We’ve been blessed to be able to see so much family over the last month. Yes, it’s a little difficult with a newborn, but totally worth it! Our last trip to Arlington made me miss the city a little bit.

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There are quirky little streets everywhere since the city was built so long ago. And the architecture is just gorgeous! It reminds me of my days of living in France as well! And since my brother and sister in law live right in the city, we could walk everywhere. Didn’t have to fight the usual D.C. traffic … one of the BIG reasons why we moved. I feel like half of me wants to live in a city again one day and the other half wants to live on 10 acres in an old farm house. We’ll see what actually happens! For now, it’s the ‘burbs with the kids and a minivan! And the truth is, I love being in the burbs with our babies. It feels like the right place to be with them right now. Hallen did like the city with her cousin, though! And I enjoyed walking the city streets with Kevin for a little bit while the kiddies were being entertained by grandparents!

Hallen’s dress is from Ootza Wootza

Since moving to Charlotte, Kevin and I have had hardly any date nights. We’ve had a lot going on with moving to an apartment, then to a house, and then a new baby , that we just haven’t had time to find a reliable babysitter…and not to even talk about how expensive it is for a date night PLUS paying a babysitter! Adulting. It’s tough y’all. So, when we went to Arlington, we got to go grab coffee by ourselves..no strollers. No getting in and out of carseats. No saying “no” over and over and over. I’m all about taking the kids everywhere, but it’s nice to feel irresponsible for just an hour or two, right?!

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So, we did. We walked around just searching for coffee and coffee creamer (to make coffee early in the morning for our trip home the next day). It didn’t even matter what we were doing. We had uninterrupted talk time and talked about adult things…like the best coffee and where we want to eventually live ( I vote Florida)!

Also, y’all…please remind me to pack an iron or something next time I throw my clothes in a bag! I love both of these pieces from Style We. You can find my top here and my dress here.






  1. Nina Nguyen

    Glad you had a great time, you look gorgeous as always!
    xx- Nina


    31 . 05 . 2017
    • Kristina

      Thank you!

      02 . 06 . 2017

    Gosh you loved in France! So jealous. Wonderful experience for your babies. Nice photos too.

    31 . 05 . 2017
  3. Debbie Savage

    This is so amazing! I am so amazed and quite envious but it is well deserved for you my beautiful friend! Love Ya!
    xo Debbie | http://www.tothineownstylebetrue.com

    01 . 06 . 2017
  4. Helena Marz

    Wow lucky you! Sounds like a wonderful vacation with your little ones and you look lovely as always! I love those wedges! xo

    04 . 06 . 2017
  5. Helena Marz

    Wow lucky you! Sounds like a wonderful vacation with your little ones and you look lovely as always! xo

    04 . 06 . 2017
  6. Helena Marz

    Wow lucky you! Glad to hear that you had the chance to go away on an amazing trip with your little ones! xo

    04 . 06 . 2017
  7. Karissa

    When it comes to vacation the iron struggle is real! I usually pack a spray on wrinkle release:) Love these photos and love how you incorporate your beautiful daughter into your pics:)

    05 . 06 . 2017
  8. Nicole villarreal

    This sounds like Such a great little trip!! I am so bad about packing an iron as well. Always forget It!

    Xoxo, Nicole | http://www.blondeinthebUrbs.com

    09 . 06 . 2017

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