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I’ve wanted to share Hazel’s nursery with you guys for a while now, but I just don’t quite feel like it’s finished yet! The reality is, though, that I’ll probably be putting those finishing touches on it later this year since she’s still in our bedroom. I LOVE the space that it’s become, through. It’s fun and vibrant. It has different aspects to it from small shops, big shops, neighbors, and Kevin’s childhood.

We ended up changing the crib from what Hallen used. Hers was a hand-me-down, and unbeknownst to me…illegal! It was a drop down side, so it kind of freaked me out after I tried to sell it and then got LOADS of comments telling me it was against the law to sell it. Geez! So, we tossed it. And then found this beautiful Jenny Lind crib on Craigslist. It had already been painted and distressed by the previous owner ( who we happened to know, surprisingly!), so it was perfect for the colorful space. I talked about the inspiration for Hazel’s room here. (You can also see the previous crib…and we ended up getting the Little and Luxe matching sheet.)

I LOVE going into her room. Our house is a lot of pastels and neutrals…it’s just more me…but I love having a colorful room! It’s so fun. We ended up painting one accent wall. I was unsure if I wanted to or not since we had the flowers on one wall, and that wall kind of seemed like it should be the big accent wall. So…things could still change, and we might paint the whole room this teal color (called “sprinkle.” Isn’t that fun?!).

Funny story about the wall color…I had told my husband to go put the sample colors on the wall upstairs one weekend (we were painting the play room), and he thought I meant Hazel’s nursery…even though we had just painted all the walls in there white haha! That’s how we thought to paint this as an accent wall.

So, we still have some space to fill in on shelves, and maybe put a piece of furniture on this wall, but it’s basically done.

And I bought the rocker from a neighbor, and another neighbor made a slipcover for it with some fabric I found!

Three really special pieces on this wall:

-The “H” was made for Hazel’s baby shower by one of my long time best friends (who’s due with her first girl this September!).

-The hospital gown was what Hazel came home in. It’s made from one of my favorite small shops, Woodbean.

-The “be{you}tiful” sign is from another great small shop, Customized by Ashley

-Wall flowers are from Wallflowers & Co.

-Rug is from Lorena Canals Rugs 

I ended up choosing this rug, because you can ball it up if it gets dirty and just toss it in the dryer! I LOVE it! And it’s really soft for tummy and play time.

-“Hazel Marigold” sign is also from Customized by Ashley

-Flamingo & Giraffe print is from Darling Deer Prints

We (and by we, I mean Kevin) made the shelves from white boards at Home Depot and spray painted the shelf brackets gold.

And that’s about it…the furniture was Kevin’s and his sister’s when they were babies…then passed on to Hallen, and now it’s Hazel’s. There is a 4th wall, but it’s still blah. There’s just a piece of furniture and a closet on it, so you aren’t missing anything!

My questions for y’all…

  1. Should we paint the whole room “sprinkle?”
  2. Or, should I paint the furniture? We painted it French Ivory when Hallen was born, but now it’s on white walls and just looks drab to me.
  3. What should I put on the 4th wall?
  4. Any decorating ideas are much needed! For some reason, I’m at a loss right now!

Linking some pieces in the room / similar items below:




  1. Debbie Savage

    Her nursery is so beautiful! You are an amazing decorator! I could spend all day in here cuddling on her! perfection!
    xo Debbie | http://www.tothineownstylebetrue.com

    10 . 06 . 2017
  2. Helena Marz

    I love light colours, i am the same way with my own home. It gives off a fresh look and feeLs so livEly! I love the way how you decorated the nursery room, you did an amazingg job❤️

    11 . 06 . 2017
  3. Jenn

    Ohmygosh! Is this not the cutest thing ever?! I love all the bold colors you incorporated into the nursery. I actually really like the accent wall and think it pops with the contrast of the white walls! I also think the flowers would look better on white, but that’s just my opinion! Of course, it would still be an adorable room in all sprinkle. 🙂

    also, I have that same gold circle shelf from Target in my bathroom! Such a great find from the kids’ decor section lol!


    12 . 06 . 2017

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