Red, White, and You


I love summer time. Days are slower, schedules are less hectic, and there always seems to be more time for friends and get togethers. It always makes us want to go out and explore together. There are so many days that we feel “restricted” because of nap times and bed times, but every now and then, we know it’ll be okay to break up the schedule. We’ll survive. The girls will survive. Let’s just go see where the day takes us.

Last weekend, we went to shopping for curtains, a mirror, and other random things for the house. Well, as you can imagine, after walking into Home Goods, we bought none of the things on our list, but everything we bought we “had to have!” 

Home Goods is worse than Target for me, y’all. Like, I shouldn’t even be allowed within a mile of that store. My debit card starts sweating just thinking about getting that close! And of course, Hallen grabs everything within sight in that checkout line. Mugs, candy, chips, dog toys, sunglasses. You name it. She’s hoarding it!  And she has to have it! Typical little lady.

All of this led us to one of our favorite things to do in the summer, though. The shopping center we were at has Friday and Saturday music nights. Everyone comes with chairs and blankets to sit on. You bring your own food and beverages. And then you just hang out, dance, chat, play. It’s so much fun! We were a little unprepared, though, because the plan was to go shopping and then come straight home to eat since we set ourselves a pretty strict food budget this month so we can have more fun money for our upcoming vacation.

But, we were STARVING, because shopping burns SO many calories, right? I had a little extra cash in my wallet from last month…so we went straight to Harris Teeter for some BOGO pizza and a cheap bottle of wine! Y’all…it was so much fun. Hallen made some friends dancing on the lawn. She was shaking her groove thang for sure. If you ever watch my IG stories, there is always a video of her dance moves.

All of this got me thinking about July 4th plans. What are you doing? Where are you going? We’ll almost be at the beach, and we’re celebrating Kevin’s 29th birthday. He’s a July 5th baby, so I feel like he lives a red, white, and blue life. What do you love most about summertime? One of my favorite things is my wardrobe. Dresses and rompers. They’re so easy to put on and not having to think about matching a top and bottom! First world problem? Probably. And Hallen is so into dresses right now, so that makes our mornings with her easy except when she’ll only wear the same dress day after day. I’ve had to make up stories about a certain dress still being dirty!

Shop our outfits below:

Both of our dresses are on MAJOR sale!!


Anyways, I digress. Happy first day of summer {tomorrow}! Can’t wait to see everyone’s adventures pasted all over social media in the next few months. It always gives me things to add to my bucket list!




  1. Nicole

    I absolutley love the dress you have on and i have the same watch!! Love JORD!! I love summer too, never been in a hOme goods store yet!!!we dont have one around us!! Have a great 4th!!

    22 . 06 . 2017
    • Kristina

      You’ve never been in a Home Goods?! It’s actually for the best probably lol! I always walk out with way too much!

      23 . 06 . 2017
  2. Debbie Savage

    Your dress is so spectacular! I love Jord watches! I have one myself and my husband also loves his! I love your dress and your new hairstyle is so gorgeous!
    xo Debbie |

    22 . 06 . 2017
    • Kristina

      Thanks, friend! We’re obsessed with our JORD watches too!

      23 . 06 . 2017
  3. Helena Marz

    You look so lovely in your maxi dress and your little girl is so adoRable! Looks like it was a fun day shopping and your Jord watch is gorgeous! I have one Jord watch and i love it! have a very Happy 4th of July❤️

    22 . 06 . 2017
    • Kristina

      Thank you! And yes, I’m JORD obsessed for sure!

      23 . 06 . 2017
  4. Arielledannique

    Wow this Is so nice babe, i love it!

    Big Kiss arielLe

    23 . 06 . 2017
    • Kristina

      Thank you! xx

      23 . 06 . 2017

    Your dresses are so darling! And I too love me some homegoods and unless I’m ready to really shop like that I stay clear away from the store, lol. Not sure what I’m doing for 4th of July yet so I’ll be going with the flow pretty much. Have a great vacation when you and your family go.


    23 . 06 . 2017
    • Kristina

      Yeah, Home Goods is dangerous haha! xx

      23 . 06 . 2017
  6. Jenn

    HAPPY SUMMER! I’m the same girl…Home Goods and Target are absolute trouble for me…and I guess every other store that ever existed haha. Can you say shopping problem? These are all such perfect family outfits for the 4th! I need to start thinking of what I’m going to wear! Loveeee your midi dress!


    23 . 06 . 2017

    You both look so precious! Summer is definitely my favorite time to I always wake up with so much more energy!

    23 . 06 . 2017
  8. Jennifer

    I love yoUr red white and blUe style. Hallen’s shoes are just so cute. My daughter loves dresses too.

    23 . 06 . 2017
  9. Karissa

    you have the cutest family, you really really do, and i love how your posts always tell a story, they’re so fun to read! I’m still trying to figure out what to do for the 4th, but i hope your hubby has a great bday! also i feel you on home goods, it’s even worse for me with hobby lobby!

    30 . 06 . 2017

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