What Makes You Smile?



Life is so hectic these days. Kids are no joke with how busy they make you! I definitely understand why people have always said “kids keep you young.” You’re constantly on your toes (literally and figuratively), and there are no two days alike.  If you’ve never been around toddlers, and think they’re just all goo, dirt, and button pushers, you’re wrong! They’re also incredibly hilarious! I started whitening my teeth with Smile Brilliant last month, and every time I pop my trays in to whiten my teeth, Hallen says, ” I like yo teefies. They so pity (aka ‘pretty’).” I crack up everytime!


Even if it’s a day where I’m in jammies, no makeup, and mom bun on day three, my babies make me feel beautiful. It’s crazy how much confidence a little two year old and 4 month old, who doesn’t even talk, can give you! I guess since we compliment Hallen all the time, she always dishes out those sweet compliments too, except hers go on for about five minutes. She’ll name everything on you, from your socks to your freckles to your nose hair (not that I have any). And all I have to do is smile at Hazel to give me a little ego boost. She’ll give you the biggest toothless grin back with a sweet little giggle attached to it. If you sing to her, it’s even ten fold. The giggles just go on and on and on. After I get my words of affirmation from Hallen and all the giggles and grins in the world from Hazel, I’m seriously set for the day. I look like the big smiling emoji, grinning from ear to ear.

That’s why I’m so glad I started whitening my teeth. I’ve always been a little self conscious of my teeth. They have white spots on them that I’ve had forever, and they’ll never go away. And since becoming a mom, the whole flow of the day from coffee to wine is just non stop. I drink coffee until 2, and then I have a glass of wine at night once the girls go down usually. Not the best color for teeth.

So, once I was introduced to Smile Brilliant’s easy whitening kit, I was all over it! All I had to do was send my impressions back to them for my whitening trays to be made. And once I got my custom trays, I started whitening every night. I usually only do 45 minutes to an hour, because I don’t have that much time as a busy mom of two, but you don’t need much time! If I knew I’d be busy at night, I’d do it during nap time while I was working.

I’ve been whitening my teeth for about three weeks, and I can already tell a difference! I’m going to continue doing it every other day right now to prepare for all my vacations and summer weddings coming up, and then once the bulk of my busy summer season is over, I’ll probably go to once a week for maintenance.


Like I said, my girls do are my biggest confidence boost, but with confidence comes smiling, and my girls can’t make my teeth white! They just make my teeth the color of coffee 😛 That’s why I’m so glad I took the dive to start whitening with Smile Brilliant’s whitening system.

I love my “job” as a mother. I know that’s my main purpose on this earth. So, it’s nice to know that the way I feel inside can radiate outwards too. Even on tough days ( I write about that too…a lot), I know I was created for my two girls, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else but by their side. No one else can dish out compliments like Hallen or rolling giggles like Hazel. They may make me start graying early or drink my weight in coffee, but they are for sure the biggest reason I smile.

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