Hearing the Beat with Sudio Sweden


We’re a music house. We’re always telling Alexa to play us something. Usually it’s Trolls, Frozen, or Moana, but sometimes Kevin and I get a say in what we get to put on for our “dance parties” with Hallen!

I don’t have a huge music database stored in my head or on my computer, but let’s face it, music can control our mood, and it’s nice to turn on our favorite song to listen to when the moment is right. When I found Sudio Sweden headphones, I fell in love. I had looked for headphones for a while, but I either a.) didn’t want to pay the price or b.) they were ugly! Sudio Sweden’s headphones are both a pretty good price and elegantly designed. I can also put them in incognito since they’re wireless! Take that Elsa! Eventually, Hallen will say, ” what that?!” if we’re all dancing around and I have them in my ears. Then, she’ll take them for herself!

If you’ve seen this little gal dance at all, you know these were made for her more than me probably, but they also give me my “me time.” You know…when the hubby gets home from work, and you just need to go into your own zone for 30 minutes while he plays with the kiddos? These are perfect for that!

I love that I can take these ear buds anywhere, and they don’t have to be hooked up to my phone. They’re easy to tote around in a small leather case, and you can use them whenever you just need that little escape…whether you’re just walking around town or sitting down on your couch to take a breath and a sip of wine! Sudio Sweden’s headphones range from $50-$99, so there’s something for everyone’s budget.


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***This post is sponsored, but all thoughts are my own***