Mod Wood Co – Wooden Signs for Every Room


I’m still in heavy decorating mode here at the Williams’ household. We’re coming up on our year anniversary, and I wish I could say that we just redecorated everything within the first 6 months, but do you know how expensive decorating is?! Especially coming from a little townhouse in Baltimore to a much larger home in South Carolina. It takes a lot more furniture, curtains, and art to hang on the walls. I love creating fun spaces, though. And I love having fun pieces in those rooms so that it’s more than just a picture from the store down the street. I like knowing someone put in some love to make something special.

Enter Mod Wood Co. She’s amazing! Julie will take your vision and turn it into something so beautiful. I didn’t quite know what I wanted, so she even mocked up a few designs and sent them my way. She creates personalized wooden signs that are adorable. I had one made for the girls’ playroom and one for my office.

Once I hung my Dear November Days sign up in my office, I all of a sudden felt like I had a real job! All of my tiny jobs are now under one big umbrella. It’s where I spend all of nap time; In front of this sign, behind my computer. Since I don’t walk into an office every day, this piece just gave my office that “work atmosphere.” A place to take down the mom bun and put on the stilettos { although, let’s be honest, the mom bun is here to stay most days}. It feels chic and put together.

And I CANNOT wait to see the girls’ playroom come together and be organized soon! Kevin just finished building a storage unit, so now it’s my turn to take over and paint them. If you like painting…feel free to come on over and help!



When you go to buy your perfect signs from Mod Wood Co, use code DEARNOVEMBER10 for 10% off!