Why Beautycounter?


Why Beautycounter?

Why did I start selling something? I didn’t have to. It’s not like I applied for a job, and sent in my resume. Why in the world would anyone join a direct sales company? It’s scammy. It’s fake. It feels awkward. People are going to think that every time I talk to them, I’m going to ask them to buy something.

Don’t tell me you haven’t had these thoughts in your head when you see your friends join a direct sales company. You know you try to skirt around certain situations. But, why? Why do all of those questions pop in your head? Do you think your friend is the type of person to scam you? Do you think they wanted to start selling something with the intention of evil? If your answer is “yes,” you probably need to find new friends. Most likely, the answer is “no,” though.

I never in a million years thought I’d join a direct sales company. I don’t like sales. I have battles in my own head about even talking out loud about the products I use and sell. Like…”oh gosh! I hope they don’t just think I’m trying to make them give me money!” Or..” I swear I’m not just saying I like using this for them to buy it.” It’s normal to talk about the things you love with your friends. That’s how you find out about all the great things in the world and then try them out for yourself, right? But, suddenly, I’m paranoid about sharing what I absolutely adore, because I don’t want my friends to think I just want their money.

But, I didn’t start selling Beautycounter to take my friends’ money. I started selling Beautycounter, because I fell in love with their mission. And being 2 months new to this company, I’m still learning a lot! I’m learning a lot about myself, their products, and their mission. I’m learning that I’m not great at one on one action. I’m great at social media and being on the camera since I’ve been doing that for a couple years now, but actually talking to a real person…and then ASKING THEM FOR MONEY!  The horror! Y’all…I admire people that are just naturally good at sales. I do. I wish I could convey more of that, but right now I just have to cultivate that trait from my learning experiences and fabulous mentors.

Beautycounter taught me that there is still good in our world. Strange, right? A skin care company can teach you that? Yes! I went to my friend’s social, and learned so much. I knew that they didn’t have some bad ingredients for you in their products, but I had no clue that they were actually on mission to ban certain things from EVERYTHING! They want everyone to have access to products with great ingredients. And, in the end, they know not everyone is going to buy Beautycounter. So, they’re going to Congress to fight for more transparency in ALL products on the shelves. It would be a dream to go to the drug store and not have to decode every ingredient on the back of a bottle of shampoo, or wonder what they omitted, because the FDA doesn’t really care.

Read this list to see what’s NOT included in our products:


And what’s NOT included in our products is almost more important than what is in our products. Our products are full of moisturizing and healthy ingredients that nurture your skin and your hair. Even after something wears off, like our lip gloss, for example, you still notice how moisture-filled your lips feel. And our new hair care line is top of the line and innovative in it’s own way. It’s a new foaming technology made without preservatives like your normal, off the shelf shampoos and conditioners. You know how you develop a “build up,” and eventually have to buy a different shampoo to get rid of your “build up?” (Like it’s normal..right?) Well, you won’t have to do that with these lines. Perfect, yeah?

And hair is a touchy subject in itself for me. My daughter, Hallen, was robbed of her beautiful hair from a “safe” shampoo…or a shampoo that should have been safe. It was organic. It said so! She lost more than half of her hair last December. I thought it had to be a vitamin deficiency or either she wasn’t eating enough (because all toddlers are picky, right?). Well, someone at my first Beautycounter social told me about someone else having the same problem as Hallen while using the shampoo we had used on her. I investigated, and found an outcry of complaints. I was so irate! How did the FDA miss this? How many people is this affecting? People trust that company! When I read what the complaints were for, they were mostly for skin irritations and hair loss. I couldn’t believe it! We were trying to do the best for our baby, and it felt like a slap in the face.

So, a HUGE reason that I started with Beautycounter was for that cute little face up there. To fight for a better world for her to live in. If we don’t do it, who will? And I know as she grows, she’s going to raid my make up drawers (as she already does), and I don’t want to worry about her grabbing something that “only adults should use.” Why would I want to be putting that on my face anyways? It’s not the couple time use that’s bad for us. It’s the repetition of putting chemicals on our body day in and day out that eventually add up. The literature is out there for all the carcinogens in our products. It’s scary! I’m not saying this to freak you out and make you hide away in your house, but it starts with one product change at a time…or joining me and the other women on this mission!

So, can I leave you with a challenge? Change ONE product this month. One product that you know doesn’t have great ingredients, and swap it for a safer alternative. It’s a movement, and we have to take the lead, because the FDA won’t change their ways with us sitting on our behinds. I’m standing up for a safer and more transparent future.

Be your beautiful.



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