Tomorrow Sleep


Do you like getting that luxury hotel sleep? If you say no, I’m not going to believe you, so the only answer is “yes!” Well, my husband and I got to collaborate with Tomorrow Sleep, and have been using their sleep system over the past month. The idea of a whole sleep system really appealed to me when I started investigating what that meant. And it really means a system. It’s not all about the mattress (although the mattress has to be amazing, right?!). You really start to think about what makes you start to get sleepy and start feeling cozy…it’s the sheets, the pillows, the darkness levels, the (no) noise levels, etc. Maybe not for a man (at least Kevin…he can fall asleep on command), but I know that I need a quiet, peaceful space for my mind to really turn off to be able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep!

So, we got to experience their mattress + duvet + sheets. The day our mattress showed up on our doorstep, I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical. I didn’t think a king mattress could actually fit in a box and be comfortable. But, it definitely proved me wrong. It’s a perfect king mattress. And it’s not just an ordinary mattress. This one is a memory foam hybrid mattress. It’s seriously the best of both worlds. A little springy, and then a little cushion from that nice memory foam we’ve both grown to love. When we first opened it up, I definitely noticed a strong chemical smell. I’ve heard that most mattresses that come in a box have that same scent. Just let it “inflate” and air out all day. It goes right away. But as soon as we let ours “inflate,” we had to hop right on. It was love at first lay ;-). I know that sounds dirty, but I really do mean just laying there. In silence. On top a cloud that just appeared on our doorstep.

The past month has been really great sleep. Not lying. Even with a baby. We just so happened to “sleep train” Hazel as well, so I’ve been able to experience a full night’s sleep for a few weeks now. Boy, I missed a full night’s sleep! Some days, I can even stop after my second cup of coffee now, ha! Hallen comes out of her room and down the stairs around 7am now, but she’ll come to our room quietly, tap one of us on the shoulder, and start whispering to us that she’s hungry or has to potty. I just pull her into bed for a few extra minutes and just lay still. She loves it, because that means she gets to sleep in “the big bed,” which is a nice treat for her!


We’ve now had the gamete when it comes to mattresses in our house. We’ve had a regular pillow top, a memory foam, and now a hybrid mattress. I have to say, I really enjoy the hybrid mattress. And from one person to another who LOVES their sleep, and treasures every single second, because you never know when your day will start with little ones running around, it’s truly amazing. I want all the other moms and dads out there to get the most out of their sleep time as possible. I would not steer you in the wrong way. We also traded out our comforter and sheets for theirs, which I think was the best option. The sheets are slightly larger than the mattress, so we’ve had to tuck them in really tight, but they sleep well, and the comforter has kept us at the perfect temperature at night.

I believe that when you have kiddos in the home, you need to treat yourself to what’s going to make you the best version of you. You’re raising these tiny human beings into well mannered little people, and some days they make you want to lose your sanity (okay…at least three times a day). For me to function, I know I need sleep, coffee, good makeup, and some clothes to make me feel like I still got it. And sleep isn’t just closing your eyes and falling asleep on some random futon. It’s an experience. It should be luxurious. Invest in yourself. Invest in your family. Put this sleep system to the test! Order that mattress and a few accessories for sanity sake!


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