Trendy Tots Tuesday: Gracious May


Toddler and children’s footwear seems to be huge these days. Trendy, comfortable, and functional is huge when it comes to our kiddos, because we want them to learn how to walk properly ,but we also want them to be cute. And there’s just something about teeny tiny footwear that’s oh so cute! We’ve been lucky enough to work with Gracious May since Hallen was little. And now her Gracious May boots are being passed down to Hazel. Hallen learned to walk in her brown fringe moccs from them, so they hold a special place in my heart. They’re also a Christian company, so that draws me in even more. You’ll notice from time to time they post Bible verses on their social media and when you order a pair of shoes from them, scripture is on their business cards and all over their website. I love that they’ve stayed true to who they were when they first began in 2008.

And their shoes have only gotten better! I loved the boots when Hallen first started wearing them, and in just a few short years, they’ve introduced great new styles, made a top notch hard sole, and even have a diaper bag now (a sister company Bushka).


Gracious May recently introduced their Blossom Bunny Boots. Hallen had the white pair when she was little, and they were literally my favorite pair. Bunny feet are just too cute. I’ll never be able to part with them. Ever. And now we have pink. Two pair of little bunny feet pitter pattering around the house and in the woods. It seriously makes my heart ache with all the cuteness.

Hazel stil wears the soft sole. She probably will be until she’s about 2. Hallen has their new hard sole, and I love it! They really can wear these anywhere. I mean…I personally wouldn’t let Hallen stomp around in mud in them, but that’s just me. Hallen wants to put these on every time we leave the house! And if you’ve never had a pair of Gracious May boots, they look like they’d fall off, because they have a wide neck, but there’s a hidden strap inside that sits around the ankle, and keeps the shoes on like magic!

If someone asks me what my favorite brands of shoes are for kiddos, Gracious May are always at the top of my list. And they’re on Zulily a couple times a year, so keep your notifications on for those sales! You can usually grab a few pairs of Mary Jane’s and boots for a great price. You just don’t find many companies like this one anymore. USA made and Christian. I kind of wish they made these bunny boots in my size. At least I can carry their Bushka bag!



  1. Pentené

    These pink bunny shoes are just the absolute cutest. It would be hard for me to part with them. Perfect to pass down to your grandchildren. Love that the company is Christian based and inspire you with scriptures.


    03 . 02 . 2018
  2. Melissa | Bubby and Bean

    Those bunny boots! My daughter would adore those. All of their shoes are darling!

    04 . 02 . 2018
  3. Helena Marz

    Aww i love How you dress up your kids and those bunny slippers are super cute❤️

    04 . 02 . 2018
  4. Nicole

    Usa 🇺🇸 made and a christian company, you are right, these are amazing!! Need to check them out, what great Gifts too!

    04 . 02 . 2018
  5. April

    Your children are adorable and I love their shoes! I wish my children were little enough to wear shoes like these because they’re so much fun!

    04 . 02 . 2018
  6. Jenny @ The Sensible Shopaholic

    I’m pretty sure my kids need those pink bunny slippers for easter this year. Too cute!


    05 . 02 . 2018
  7. Sheree

    These little shoes are too cute, I’m in love with those bunny boots and seriously want to buy one for my daughter who would have LOVE them.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy mom

    05 . 02 . 2018
  8. Seraphina Fox

    I am dying at the bunny outfit it is just so so so adorable!! So precious 🙂

    05 . 02 . 2018
  9. Jen

    Oh my gosh i love the styles!! So cute that the kiddos have maTching ones too! Its so great when you find a brand you just love, look so cute and stay on those busy feet!

    05 . 02 . 2018

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