Messy Motherhood


Don’t you love a cozy sweatshirt and finding a favorite tee? If you live in the PNW or are from there ( I’m not, and still love these 😜), I’ve found some really fun designs for you! Rainy State Threads is a small shop (you know how I love small shops)! And living in comfortable, cozy clothes is my life right now. Most of you young mamas are probably in the same stage as me. You want to be put together, but you need to be comfortable and really don’t have that much time to put into your outfit every day. If you’re a stay at home mom or work at home mom…heck even a mom that works and then comes home to crazy kid life…you just have to be comfortable. You have to be ready for messes, spills, and all of the “oopsies!” Most of our clothing needs to be able to be washed and then ready to wear. Rainy State Threads is going to be your jam.

I used to be so proud to be a clean mom. I hate the messiness that comes with motherhood (There. I said it. I’m not a good messy mom). And the Lord gave me a clean child the first go around! Woohoo! I had found His favor😂. Hallen HATES getting messy. As soon as her hands get a few crumbs on them or a little bit of melted chocolate, she immediately needs to have her hands wiped. She never loved to dig in the dirt or eat leaves, or even try to feed herself! So, I was able to keep her pretty clean most of the time (besides the random blowouts, which were beyond her control, right? 😂). But Hazel is another breed. She wants everything and wants to get into everything. All of the bugs, dirt, leaves, and messy food! And she has to feed herself, smashing everything into her fingers before she puts it in her mouth. She loves it! She’d probably take a mud bath if I let her, but that just makes my clean freak mind start getting all sorts of anxious! She’s definitely been teaching me to let go, though…that it’s okay to have messy moments and not clean up every 15 seconds.

This sweatshirt should totally be hers. She’s the happiest camper out there. She takes life in stride and seems to just giggle at everything…no matter what happens! It’s the simple joys that we see in our children that ultimately teach us. They teach us to relax, slow down, take things as they come…don’t fear the future, and make a mess once in a while!  Y’all… children are such a breath of fresh air after living in fear and with all the anxieties that surround adulthood/motherhood, right? I know I’m speaking to the choir, because most of you that read my blog (thank you for following along, by the way <3 ) are mamas! I’m trying my best these days to honestly follow my girls’ leads…not letting them boss me around, but play how they play and try to see things how they see them.

I probably won’t ever let my kids paint inside like some fun moms out there…or even play with play-doh very often (gosh, that makes me sound awful!), but we live in an area where there are so many great things to do outside or just fields to explore and pretend in. I want them to see that there is more than technology (although, I’m not going to pretend I hate it)…and seeing how Hallen’s imagination is developing right now makes me want to keep it expanding, and just let her explore all of it! Just like this tee…fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. They certainly are! And there is so much to do in the fresh air and sunshine…they can also make messes in the great outdoors and I don’t have to worry about it messing up my carpets 😂 So, it’s a win win really, right?!

Motherhood really does make you come face to face wth your fears, though, right? Whether your fears are messiness (seriously, one of mine) or your child getting hurt, acknowledging our fears and then turning them around so that we can conquer them is where the power of motherhood lies. And that little baby on your hip (or maybe your sweet angel baby) was created to help you. It’s so funny how we can see our fears when we look at them. So many things run through our heads, and yet we can decide to let that fear control how we mother or we can slam that fear in the ground! The simple one I’m working on is the messiness of motherhood. And it’s slowly dwindling. Not that I don’t hate a mess now. I still do. But I know a mess is easily cleaned up. It’s more important to experience every emotion that comes with being a mom than to become numb…clearly I’m talking about bigger fears than messes now, but that’s a whole other post (for next week😉)!

Whether it’s joy or grief. Feel those emotions. Acknowledge them. And conquer them. Then go breathe in some fresh air and feel the sunshine on your shoulders (or your face if it’s still freezing where you are!)


Have a great weekend <3

Tee/Sweatshirt: Rainy State Threads 

Hazel’s Daisy Dress: Dot Dot Smile Brandi Compton




  1. Jenny @ The Sensible Shopaholic

    I’m so jealous of your clean child. I have two messy ones and the damage they can do in a short period of time is ridiculous. BTW i need that Happy camper tee.


    11 . 02 . 2018
  2. Nicole

    I used to be like you, and still sort of am, but a gooD friend once told me: all of the messes and toys will be gone one day and youll have nothing but a clean house, and theN youll be yearning fot those messes (just a bit)! Time sure doeS fly She said, enjoy the mess, its just stuff, and soon those days will be over (insert tears here)😢

    11 . 02 . 2018
  3. Helena Marz

    Thats amazing with your child that does not Enjoy being messy and i can relate to that because i have always beEn a neat freak growing up. Beautiful photos and that HAppy Camper tee is super cute❤️

    11 . 02 . 2018
  4. Melissa | Bubby and Bean

    That Happy Camper sweatshirt is adorable. And we are a house of meSsy, creative slobs. I wish my kids were neater but they have my jeans!

    11 . 02 . 2018
  5. April

    I try to keep my house clean, but with four children it is an uphill Battle. Your sweatshirt is adorable and Perfect for lounging around the house or running around town doing errands on the weekend!

    11 . 02 . 2018
  6. Debbie Savage

    You look so beautiful in these pictures! I love the cute tops too! They embody you perfectly. my two girls are quite messy and it drives me crazy. I pray they when they for real life they will have mastered the art of being clean and tidy!
    xo Debbie |

    12 . 02 . 2018
  7. sheree

    Omgosh I am just like you!! I hate messiness, when I see a kid with a plate of spaghetti I immediate start to panic. Thankfully I have two clean freak kids, especially my daughter who used to refuse playing with playdoh or paint because she hates getting her hands dirty. Toys, that is a different story. I have learned to tolerate certain amount of messiness in the house after they’ve had a good afternoon of fun, hey you have to compromise somehow. 🙂

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy mom

    12 . 02 . 2018
  8. Seraphina Fox

    that happy camper sweatshirt is so cute ! your photos look so beautiful and it looks like a fun time with the kids !

    16 . 02 . 2018

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